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Multibrand industrial automation products in our inventory and within our distribution include sensors, process control transducers, position transducers, safety products, drives, digital instruments, interface modules, controllers, electric motors, and software.


Hydraulics uses incompressible liquids and the advantages of these products are related to the fact they are heavy duty, in order to endure high pressure, and have high power density.

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For Instrumentation we mean measuring instruments usually portable intended for industrial use. Measuring instruments are devices for measure a physical quantity.

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Oil & Gas

Providing engineering material supplies and support from a variety of industrial products in the field of oil & gas, Marine onshore and Offshore, Process industries, Power Generation.

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Power & Energy

We have existed in this field rendering valuable services in the development of prestigious and well-established projects in the U.A.E. the Middle East, ULTIMATE TECHNICAL has been built on leadership skills based on experience that few other can claim.

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Robotics is a branch of engineering focused on the development of programmable machines robots that can perform a series of tasks on behalf of human beings. Robots can be used for any purposes: industrial robots are employed for manufacturing and they typically move on two or more axis.

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The Supplier of electronic products and components for industrial automation is UT core business since the company’s very beginning. We built solid relationships with the world’s leaders in this field, developing a comprehensive offer that encompasses many brands and a complete range of products at the best available price.

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